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In recent times, entrepreneurs have been seeking refuge from global upheavals in a safe and secure place in which to live and work, and so the phenomenon of seeking residency elsewhere in the world has become increasingly common, with many countries offering residency programmes. Those people with the means to live anywhere in the world are looking with increased frequency to the Cayman Islands as the perfect location in which to call home, thanks to the success of the Global Citizen Concierge Programme, which has helped hundreds of high net worth individuals and their families reside long-term in our beautiful Islands. 

Many people with the means to do so have specifically sought refuge in the Cayman Islands because of a multitude of factors which combine to make this jurisdiction the top choice. In fact, Cayman’s Global Citizen Concierge Programme has been so successful that the Cayman Islands was recently voted the top choice in the Hong Kong-based consulting firm Nomad Capitalist’s 2021 annual index of the top tropical destinations – known as the Nomad Beach Index – which appeal to high-net-worth investors looking to relocate.

Cayman’s relocation programme is particularly appealing because it permits people who are employed outside the Cayman Islands to reside here for up to two years while working remotely, enabling them to then go on to a more permanent residency option, should they choose to do so. Once people have got a taste for the lifestyle that Cayman has to offer, there comes the realisation that the perfect work/life balance really can be achieved, the heady blend of year-round sunshine, enticing water sports, sophisticated dining offerings, and a general focus on health and wellness (yoga, spin, pilates and general fitness facilities, to name but a few) is hard to resist.

Global Citizen Certificate fees are just US$1,469 per year for a party of up to two people plus US$500 per dependent per year. Applicants must show proof of employment and/or income and must make a minimum income of US$100,000 annually if applying as an individual. This rises to US$150,000 if applying with an accompanying spouse/civil partner and US$180,000 if applying with an accompanying spouse/civil partner and/or dependent(s). They must also provide proof of the legal existence of their employer/company, a bank reference, six months of bank statements, proof of identity, police clearance and proof of health insurance.

Cayman Islands Sotheby’s International Realty has been able to work alongside such clients to ensure that their home in Cayman meets all their precise requirements. Some of Cayman’s most luxurious properties are listed with us and are just waiting to be viewed. 

The Peninsula is the highest-priced single-family home ever recorded in the Cayman Islands and was recently sold by Cayman Islands Sotheby’s International Realty’s agent, Nikki Broadhurst. This is an exceptional property of 25,000 square feet spanning 1.75 acres within a beautiful gated community. 

Our decades of experience working at the very top end of Cayman’s luxury property market means we are perfectly poised to help you relocate to paradise.

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