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Kaibo Radio: Broadcasting the Island’s beats

Aerial view of Kaibo Yacht Club.
Aerial view of Kaibo Yacht Club.

The Kaibo Yacht Club, this island favourite provides a luxurious island ambiance by the waterfront. It has beachfront seating and picnic tables nestled in the sand. Upstairs at Kaibo, offers a refined atmosphere, along with a wide selection of rare rums. Relax in a beachfront cabana, feel the sand beneath your toes, listen to music along the beach, and enjoy the quintessential Cayman Island beach experience.

The beginning of 2024 saw the exciting launch of Kaibo Radio, which has been branded as “A Global Groove Experience.”

Kaibo Radio, eagerly awaited by online music enthusiasts, is set to gain international attention with its recent debut. Broadcasting straight from the lively shore of Ibiza, it aligns with the Cayman Islands’ time zone, ensuring listeners enjoy a varied musical voyage that perfectly complements the rhythm of their day. The station’s playlist is not only diverse but also infused with the beachy vibes of the Balearics and the Cayman Islands, promising an unparalleled global groove experience.

Enjoy their eclectic mix of island-inspired music from where ever you are at: Kaibo Radio.

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